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  1. Cinderella
  2. For The Lonely (Radio Version)
  3. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Jade’s Version)
  4. Boyfriend
  5. How Does It Feel
  6. Interlude – Every Time
  7. Every Time
  8. Superstar
  9. Sacred
  10. That Night
  11. Brown Haired Boy
  12. Crazy
  13. Trying To Be Me
  14. Interlude – Not Different
  15. Not Different (I Laugh, I Cry)
  16. For The Lonely (Geo’s Remix)
  17. Trying To Be Me (Remix)

Sweetbox was formed in 1995 by Heiko Schmidt, executive producer, and GEO, music producer. The group has had many leading women since it was formed which includes Kimberly Kearney, Dacia Bridges and Tina Harris but the most successful and popular front woman would have to be Jade Valerie Villalon.

The album opens on a cute note with Cinderella, which samples Trumpet Concerto by Telemann, and it’s a pretty cheesy song with lyrics like “Cinderella got a prince and a kingdom/Cinderella got the dream she was dreaming” but I do like the way it sounds. I absolutely love the build-up in the verses and when the backing vocals sing “is the queen of the kingdom” right before the chorus starts is amazing. Cinderella is very uplifting and it’s a cute way to start off the album. The second track on the album is a song most people who have heard of Sweetbox are familiar with and samples La Califfa by Enrico Morricone. For The Lonely is a gorgeous song and has such a wonderful melody. Jade’s vocals are fantastic especially during the bridge of the song. The song’s message is very sweet and the lyrics “we all live underneath the same blue sky” are easy to relate to. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright is a cover of Sweetbox’s previous front woman, Tina Harris, and samples Air on a G String (Suite No.3) by J.S Bach. Not many people enjoy Jade’s take on this song but she pulled it off really well. It’s not a good as Jade’s Reborn version but it isn’t bad by any means.

Boyfriend is a fun up-tempo track that has Jade singing in the chorus “I don’t want your boyfriend.” This song is quite catchy and is very reminiscent of 90’s pop music. I’ve always loved How Does It Feel and it’s one of the best tracks on the album. Jade’s vocals are very strong throughout the song and I love her tone when she sings “how does it feel to see me pass you by.” Another very popular Sweetbox song, Every Time, is a gorgeous ballad. Jade’s vocals are on-point in this song and she showcases just how great of a singer she is. The instruments in this track are lovely and they blend wonderfully with Jade’s powerful vocals. The next three songs on the album are all amazing and some of the best tracks on the album. My favourite track on the album hands down is Superstar. This song is full of attitude with lyrics like “don’t even know that you’re full of shit/there are no billboards of you” and I love it.  It’s great to hear Jade sing with some attitude and she sounds amazing in this track. It’s catchy and definitely one of the highlights of the album. Sacred samples Scene from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky and this is another fantastic track. This song has a music box quality to it and the lyrics are simply wonderful, “when so many lovers never find each other/I’ve found you.” Concerto For Oboe in D Major by Leonardo di Gioforte is sampled in That Night which has Jade singing about a special night with a lover. The sample used in the song works wonderfully and suits the content of the lyrics really well. It really does give off a special feeling like the one described in the song. Jade’s vocals are sweet just like they were in Sacred and it was a great to have these songs together on the album.

Brown Haired Boy is the cutest song on the album, sampling Fur Elise by Beethoven, and the way Jade hums in the chorus is so adorable. The song has a nice summer vibe to it and I enjoyed the parts in the song when Jade talks especially during the last chorus. Even though the song is cute it’s not cheesy like Cinderella was. Jade returns to her aggressive side in Crazy, sampling 5th Symphony by Beethoven, and this song opens up with some strong and hard beats. I enjoyed the “Na na na’s” throughout the song and Jade’s playful vocals. Jade sounds wonderful when she sings aggressively and I’m glad she continues with this tone in Trying To Be Me. This song samples Solveig’s Song by Grieg and starts off with a man saying “you believe you are special that somehow the rules don’t apply to you” and with Jade answering “Yes.” You can already tell this song is going to have a lot of attitude. I like this song more than Crazy but it doesn’t come anywhere close to Superstar. The final song on the album, minus the remixes, is a great closing song and samples Largo (Oper Xerxes) by George Friedrich Händel. Not Different (I Laugh, I Cry) is a song that many people can relate to with lyrics like “I laugh, I cry/I need, I try/sometimes I hide.” They’re very simple but they’re also very effective and the choir featured adds a nice touch making the song much more enjoyable. The final tracks are remixes and they’re really not that different from the originals.  The only really noticeable difference in For The Lonely (Geo’s Remix) is that the instruments have been replaced with sythns. For Trying To Be Me (Remix) the opening dialogue is removed and it’s not as aggressive as its counterpart. The “nananas” are toned down which removes the spunky feel of the original.

Conclusion: Jade Valerie’s debut with Sweetbox is fantastic. Jade has a strong and wonderful voice which is showcased nicely throughout the album. The album is well-balanced with ballads, mid-tempo and up-tempo songs and Jade shows how versatile she is which each song. Sweetbox’s major selling point is the fact that they sample classical music and infuse it with pop music. The result is a wonderful album filled with brilliant melodies and memorable hooks. Jade is an extremely talented songwriter and even though a few songs on the album may come across as cheesy they are still well written. I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to listen to great pop music.

Recommended Tracks: Superstar, Sacred, That Night, How Does It Feel, For The Lonely and Every Time




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  1. Hey! This sounds like a fun album! I like Jade quite a bit, so I’ll listen to it. Thank you for the review!

  2. Thanks for your comment :). I hope you enjoy the album when you listen to it!

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