ICONIQ – Change Myself

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  1. Prologue
  2. I’m lovin’ you × EXILE ATSUSHI
  3. Change Myself
  4. LoveShineMagic
  5. BYE NOW!
  6. I.D feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
  7. No Distance
  8. Crystal Girl
  9. Like A Virgin
  10. Epilogue

ICONIQ released her debut album, Change Myself, earlier this year and her image for it really shocked me because she buzzed all her hair off. It’s an extremely captivating and unique image that reflects the title of the album.

The words “change myself” are being taught to a child in Prologue which basically introduces the theme of the album. I really enjoyed the instruments in this song and how it gave a little preview of the next track. Following the introduction is the collaboration with Atsushi from EXILE, I’m lovin’ you × EXILE ATSUSHI. ICONIQ and Atushi sound great together and I love the tracks electronic R&B sound. The beats hit hard and ICONIQ’s synthesized vocals sound great. I love how the song is somewhat all over the place because it makes it more interesting. The title track opens up with a lovely guitar and continues the electronic R&B sound from the previous song. Change Myself is a slick R&B tune with a thumping drum sequence and is one of the best tracks on the album. The song has a fresh feel to it and the vocoder effects work perfectly in the song. The chorus is very light and has an ethereal sound to it thanks to the chimes. At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy LoveShineMagic but when I heard the chorus I was hooked. Her vocal range during the chorus is great and I like the backing vocals at the end of the song. BYE NOW! is one of my favourite songs and starts off with some lovely “oohs” that compliment the arrangement perfectly. This song is crazy good and the production on this track is amazing. The summery vibe to the song is hot and the chorus is insanely catchy. There is not one single thing bad about this track.

ICONIQ joins up with VERBAl for the upbeat track I.D feat. VERBAL (m-flo). This is my least favourite song on the album though it’s not close to being the worst. I was surprised by VERBAL’s rap because it’s great and works well with the song. This a pretty fun track but there are better songs on the album. No Distance, the album’s first and only slow song, is a cool and smooth R&B track. ICONIQ’s vocals are on-point and the production is tight. This is such a chill out track and the vocoded backing vocals are layered nicely. Without a doubt the best song on the album is Crystal Girl. The song immediately explodes into dark and orgasmic synths with ICONIQ’s soft vocals contrasting nicely against them. This is pure electropop goodness and it’s become one of my favourite songs of this year. I love the use of English phrases in the song and the hook is absolutely brilliant. The breakdown in the middle of the song was a nice surprise and kept things interesting. Sadly, this album would have been perfect if not for ICONIQ’s cover of Like A Virgin. I don’t know why she covered this song but she should have made a new song instead because this cover isn’t that impressive. Her English is pretty good but this is her worst vocal performance on the album. At least the production is nice. Epilogue closes the album off with the sound of cameras flashing and is accompanied by a lovely instrumental of I’m lovin’ you × EXILE ATSUSHI.

Conclusion: ICONIQ’s debut album is filled with outstanding electropop and R&B music. The album is cohesive but manages to be diverse with each song sounding completely different then the other. She may not have the best voice but she expresses her self well and has good control over her vocals. I would like to see ICONIQ take on a more electropop sound like Crystal Girl because she really nailed it on that song. I’m going to keep my eye on her because she’s one of the best new artists to debut this year. Change Myself is a contender for album of the year and I look forward to her next release. Give this album a listen because you won’t be disappointed.

Recommended Tracks: Crystal Girl, BYE NOW!, No Distance and Change Myself




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  1. ICONIQ’s debut album was indeed very entertaining. I loved Change Myself, LoseShineMagic and Crystal Girl. XD
    Great review!

    • Thanks! I really hope her next release is just as good as this one.

  2. I fell in love with ICONIQ as soon as I heard “Change Myself”, and I think that she had one of the best albums of this year so far, even though the album is a little short.

    • I actually saw the PV preview for BYE NOW! first and knew right away that I was going to love her XD.

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