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  1. PRIDE
  2. sad to say
  3. L.I.P.S.
  4. Jealous
  5. Bad Girl
  6. dear my friend
  7. stage ~interlude~
  8. This Is Not A Game
  10. Koi
  11. what you want?
  12. No More
  13. Dreamin’
  14. Why

I was slow to jump on the JASMINE bandwagon but when I did I was completely hooked on her style and infectious R&B music. The fact that she takes on a new colour and appearance for each of her releases is pretty awesome. It’s one of the reasons I started paying attention to her and I’m glad I did because GOLD is incredible.

PRIDE opens with JASMINE counting up and singing “my pride.” This song should have been longer because it has a great beat. The song has a mild aggressiveness to it and it’s a perfect way to open up the album. It provides a good taste of what JASMINE’s style is and what you can expect with the album. I like the English lines, “stand up and never never give up,” used throughout the song. The next song is the album’s first single, sad to say, and is one of the best R&B tracks of the year. The arrangement is simply elegant with its gorgeous piano melody and her vocals are aggressive especially during the second part of the verses. The song has a strong melancholic vibe and I love how she conveys this feeling when she sings “you don’t know I was crying for you” and “it’s always rainin’ since you’ve been away.” The lyrics are heart-wrenching and the English chorus at the end of the song is a nice addition. JASMINE adds some electro elements to L.I.P.S. making this song stand out from the rest of the album. It’s one of the best tracks and the way JASMINE compares boys to candy and food is hilarious. This is a ridiculously fun song and JASMINE’s vocals are quite seductive. The cheer section of the song is so awesome with JASMINE spelling out her name. It’s definitely the catchiest part of the song and she sounds fierce during it. JASMINE returns to her R&B style for Jealous. The song isn’t as aggressive as some of the other tracks but it has a beautiful arrangement and I love the guitar because it gives the song an oriental feel. I adore the part when she sings “yeah you stole my heart.”  The chorus is fantastic and JASMINE sounds incredible in this song. This is my favourite song on the album.

I was expecting Bad Girl to be extremely in-your-face and aggressive but I was completely thrown back when it started off with a lovely piano. The verses are calm but they get more aggressive as they progress and then the chorus blasts into a rock sound with her singing “even though they call me bad girl” which immediately gets stuck in your head. It’s not aggressive as I imagined it to be but that isn’t a bad thing because the song is great. The intro to dear my friend was quite nice and the song’s cute R&B vibe makes it very relaxing. I didn’t like this song when I heard the radio rip but its way better in high quality. JASMINE voice is very sweet in this song and I love the uplifting feel of the chorus. I wasn’t expecting stage ~interlude~ to be related to This Is Not A Game and I liked how it flowed into it. This Is Not A Game begins with a lion’s roar followed by the chorus. She sings with a lot of attitude and the synths add a dark element to the song. JASMINE’s vocals are strong and fierce in this track. The English lyrics, “do or die baby” and “do you want to be hit with ecstasy,” are extremely catchy. I’m totally digging the rock vibe in CLUBBIN” and it’s a great club track. The guitar is fierce and she  accompanies it with edgy vocals. I love her tone in the verses and the chorus’ repetition of “so crazy so so crazy.” There seems to be some dislike for this track but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Koi is such a soft and sexy song with JASMINE singing in a soft tone. The beats are smooth but the song still remains alluring. She really knows how to make catchy lines because every song always has memorable English lines. “Love me love me baby, crazy crazy baby” will not get out of my head after I listen to this song.

JASMINE continues to chill out with what you want? After all the aggressive songs on the album it’s nice to hear her cool down near the end of the album. This song is similar to Koi but it isn’t quite as good as it. JASMINE’s ad-libbing near the end of the song is fantastic though. The song’s final aggressive song, No More, is very similar to sad to say except it’s more upbeat. They share a melancholic vibe and even their structure mirrors each other. This is easy to overlook because it’s a great track. The “no more cry” parts are powerful and she sounds emotional when she sings them. JASMINE explores a gospel inspired sound in the albums first and only ballad, Dreamin’. JASMINE’s vocals are soulful and captivating. Without a doubt this is her strongest vocal performance on the album. This isn’t your typical ballad and I enjoyed its unique gospel influence. The piano melody is very beautiful and the backing vocals at the end of the song give it a choir like feel. Closing off the album is the calm R&B track Why. The western influence in the song is nice and I like how this song sounds different from the other R&B tunes on the album. The notes JASMINE hits in the bridge are insane. I was in disbelief when I heard them because I didn’t know that JASMINE was capable of hitting those notes. This was a pretty way to finish off the album.

Conclusion: JASMINE has created one of the best R&B albums I have ever heard. This is how you make a debut! JASMINE’s vocals are absolutely stunning and some of the notes she hits on the album are jaw-dropping. GOLD is a much harder hitting R&B album then some of the other r&b albums that have been released this year. JASMINE is definitely someone you want to pay attention to because there’s something special about her. There aren’t many artists out there with a style similar to JASMINE’s. She really stands out and is a truly unique artist. GOLD is a perfect debut and I can’t wait for more.

Recommended Tracks: Jealous, L.I.P.S., sad to say, Bad Girl, This Is Not A Game, No More and PRIDE




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  1. Great Review. JASMINE buried most of the veterans in the dirt with this album. L.I.P.S. has the potential of being an epic performance song because of the cheering section.

    • Thank you. JASMINE put a lot of artists to shame with this album XD. I would love to see her perform L.I.P.S. live. It would be so hot!

  2. I really wish “PRIDE” was longer, it’s probably my favorite new song. It has such a sophisticated flavor to it, but at the same time seems kind of old-school R&B.

    Great in-depth review! “GOLD” could possibly become my favorite album of the year, and like you said, I can’t wait for more.

    • Thanks for reading! It’s awesome to see JASMINE getting lots of love. I’ve yet to come across someone who doesn’t like her.

  3. I also wish Pride had been longer. Jealous is my favorite song too. I don’t know about the rest though. I just wasn’t feeling it.

  4. I’m loving the photoshoot for this album. Makes her seem like the HBIC that she is~

    I love this album for the singles, but not too much for the new tracks.

    • The photoshoot really is amazing. I wish there were more pictures because the few we have isn’t enough XD.

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