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  1. Houseki
  2. EYES
  3. Wagamama
  4. Ienai Kedo
  5. hanauta

ONE is Maki Goto’s first mini-album under her name and under avex. Maki is an extremely resilient woman because she’s had to suffer with her mother’s suicide and despite this she’s come back from this tragedy stronger than before. ONE is proof that Maki has matured and grown from what she has experienced this year. It’s quite incredible that she was able to go back into the studio after what happened and it just shows her determination.

Wagamama features fantastic guitar, drums, and some very light synths. There’s a slight western influence in this song especially in the chorus. Maki’s vocals are lovely and she carries the song well. The synth during the bridge gives this ballad a sweet electronic feel. I haven’t heard many Maki ballads before but this is great and it’s the perfect length. Some ballads end up dragging on too long but Maki keeps this song short and to the point. Ienai Kedo begins with an acoustic guitar that is quickly replaced with dance beats. The synths aren’t as aggressive as the first two tracks but it still has a lot of energy. The verses feature soft synths while the chorus takes on a more upbeat sound. Maki’s vocals are deep and go well with the hard synths in the track.

Conclusion: Maki Goto has stood up from a tragic experience and crafted what is her best piece of work yet. She’s matured as an artist and her most recent work has been a huge improvement over her past albums. I’m not a huge Maki Goto fan but if she keeps this up I may have to start paying more attention to her. Maki and Shinichi Osawa make a great team and all she has to do now is make a full album of this type of music because a mini-album is just not enough.

Recommended Tracks: Ienai Kedo

Note: The reviews for Houseki, EYES and hanauta can be found here.




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  1. I was also very much reminded of Eri Nobuchika’s LIGHTS when I heard Houseki, with its soft verses and sweeping chorus. Fantastic review. Maki was for sure in her element here and she left me wanting more.

    • Thanks! It definitely was a great mini album. Hopefully her next release is a full album.

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