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  1. GAME
  2. Hurricane Venus
  4. Stand By
  5. M.E.P (My Electronic Piano)
  6. LET ME
  7. Implode
  9. Ordinary Day
  10. Don’t Know What To Say
  11. Romance

It’s been 5 years since Girls On Top was released and BoA’s back with her long-awaited 6th Korean album, HURRICANE VENUS. BoA’s been busy these last couple of years. She debuted in America, released a Japanese album, and now has released a Korean album. I absolutely loved her American debut and felt that she finally got it right and released an album filled with catchy dance music. IDENTITY was lackluster compared to it and it was a huge step-down for her when she finally started to interest me. Luckily, HURRICANE VENUS is a major improvement.

GAME, the album’s first promotional track, should not have been the opening track for the album. The best parts of the song are the verses because of how playful BoA sounds in them especially when she says “come play with me.” The chorus loses the atmosphere the verses built up and it feels out of place. They just don’t have the same impact that the verses have. The song has grown on me a little since I first heard it but it’s one of the weakest songs on the album. One positive statement that I have is that GAME is better than almost all of the songs on IDENTITY. The title track, Hurricane Venus, is much better and filled with all that vocoder and synth goodness that dominates Korean pop. BoA is back on her A-game because this is one of the best Asian dance tracks she’s done in the last few years. Synthesized beats, distorted vocals and catchy lyrics, “electronic manic supersonic bionic energy” make this song very epic. The chorus isn’t as hard-hitting as the verses and the distorted vocals don’t sound that great. However, I love the energy when BoA repeats “Hurricane Venus” near the end along with her ad-libbing. DANGEROUS is one hot club banger and my favourite song on the album. I love how aggressive the synths are along with her strong vocal performance. The chorus is fire and I love her pause between “dangerous…experience.” The music slows down for the bridge and features heavily vocoded vocals which sound pleasant. BoA’s stuttering at the end of the track goes along with the beats and sounds very cool.

Stand By, the album’s first ballad, is lovely and has a very simple arrangement. This is by far much better than most of the ballads on her last album. It’s rare for me to like her ballads because I usually find them boring but this one is very nice. The strings and piano go well with her vocals and her tone is soft and sweet. It does run on for a little too long and despite being a very good ballad it is the weakest one on the album but that just means that the rest of them are phenomenal. What a surprise M.E.P (My Electronic Piano) was when I first heard it. This is another one of my favourite tracks and it’s a lighthearted mid-tempo. BoA starts the song singing “you’re so beautiful” and she sounds so sweet. Her vocals are light and airy and the build-up to the chorus is wonderful. The hook, “I think you’re still in love with me,” is catchy and will be stuck in your head for hours. I ‘m seriously surprised by how amazing this song is and in my opinion it’s one of her best songs. BoA continues her amazing streak with LET ME, a hot synthesized dance song. The verses are sung fast and I love the use of English in the song, “my dictionary.” Her repetition of “ah ah ah ah in the chorus is addicting and the change in lyrics for the final chorus, “can you feel what I’m trying to say,” was nice. BoA’s English has improved and it’s definitely apparent in this song. Remember when I said some of the ballads on the album were phenomenal? Well I wasn’t joking because Implode is one spectacular ballad. It’s the longest song on the album running at 6:30 but every second of it is jaw-dropping. Boa’s vocals are luscious and full of emotion and the acoustic guitar and piano is so simple yet breathtaking. As the music crescendos near the middle, male backing vocals are added and the song becomes much more epic. “It’s so damn hard/for me to let you go/no I can’t let you go.” BoA’s performance is touching and I’m completely impressed by how stunning she sounds here.

The club bangers on this album are some of BoA’s best and ADRENALINE helps prove that. American influenced beats, catchy repetition, and high energy vocals are all elements that are overused in music today but they work so well in this track and BoA sells this song effortlessly. “La la la la I love it.” I agree with her and I can’t get enough of this hot track. Wow, the piano melody that opens up Ordinary Day is lovely and quite uplifting. Light synths are added to the chorus and her vocals are nice and strong. I like the carefree and summery feel the song has going on especially at the end which contains some R&B elements. BoA’s ad-libbing sounds great and really adds to the climax of the song. Don’t Know What To Say features BoA’s brother on the piano. Stripped-down with just a piano, BoA’s deep vocals soar in this song. I honestly had no idea she was capable of a vocal performance like this. Her vocals are expressive and the sad piano melody is absolutely touching. There’s so much emotion in this song and I was completely blown away by it. The album comes to an end with the outstanding Romance. This song has a nice blues and jazz feel to it and it sounds like something you would listen to in a fancy lounge. When BoA sings “geu dae tta deut han” I’m left in awe every time I hear it because her voice just flows perfectly with the jazz arrangement. There is so much depth to this song and it’s a perfect way to close the album off because it shows how much she’s matured and learned during the last couple of years. I would never have imagined that she would tackle a song like this but she did and it’s marvelous. “This is my romance and you’re here with me.”

Conclusion: BoA nailed it with HURRICANE VENUS and it might possibly be the best album she’s ever done. I loved BoA’s American debut and was hoping she would learn from it and bring that type of music over to her Asian releases. IDENTITY didn’t live up to my expectations but HURRICANE VENUS did and it brought much more than what I had hoped. Usually, I only enjoy her upbeat songs but the ballads on this album were stunning and are just as amazing. This is the first Asian release by BoA that I love from start to finish.

Recommended Tracks: DANGEROUS, M.E.P (My Electronic Piano), ADRENALINE, Romance, Implode and Don’t Know What To Say



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