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  1. Genie In A Bottle
  2. What A Girl Wants
  3. I Turn To You
  4. So Emotional
  5. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
  6. Reflection
  7. Love For All Seasons
  8. Somebody’s Somebody
  9. When You Put Your Hands On Me
  10. Blessed
  11. Love Will Find A Way
  12. Obvious

In the 90s, I wasn’t really into music all that much. I only listened to singles and the songs that were popular at the moment. When I did listen to an album it was only for the songs that I liked. So, I actually didn’t hear Christina’s self-titled debut album until six or seven years after its release. Christina has always been one of the standout pop singers in my opinion and I remember when I was younger I enjoyed pretty much every single she released.

The album opens up with one of Christina’s most popular songs, Genie In A Bottle. This song oozes nostalgia especially the piano melody at the beginning. This is a fantastic dance track and it sounds much better than I remember. Her vocals in the verses are fresh and she claims she’s “been locked up tight/for a century of lonely nights.” The most memorable part of the song is the pre-chorus, where the synths come in with Christina ad-libbing and seductively whispering “oh, my body’s sayin’ let’s go/ oh, but my heart is sayin’ no.” The “ohs” go perfectly with the melody and they are so good. Another thing that I like about the song is the sexual references, “but that don’t mean I’m gonna give it away” and “but that don’t mean it’s gotta be tonight,” because they’re clever and innocent. The chorus is super catchy with Christina singing “I’m a genie in a bottle/you gotta rub me the right way.” It’s a great hook and she sounds amazing especially in the final chorus with her ad-libs and backing vocals. What A Girl Wants is a cute and bubbly mid-tempo. Christina sounds sweet and feminine against the light percussion and guitar, “I wanna thank you for giving me time to breathe/like a rock, you waited so patiently.” The chorus is a bit repetitive but the hook, “what a girl wants/what a girl needs,” is catchy and the “what I want is whatcha got/and whatcha got is what I want” parts after the chorus add some sexuality to the song. The bridge involves some cheer-like vocals, the note Christina hits is amazing and I love how the music changes to a more dramatic sound before going back into the chorus.

The album moves onto another popular song, I Turn To You, which is the album’s first ballad. I never really cared for this song when I was younger because I wasn’t all that into ballads but now I find it to be a wonderful track. It starts off with the sound of rain and traffic which leads to a soft guitar that accompanies Christina. I like how the first line of the song reflects back on the sound of rain that is used in the intro, “when I’m lost in the rain.” Christina definitely had the best voice out of all the pop starlets from the 90s and this song proves that. Her vocals are expressive, full of emotion and she sings with a lot of soul. The melody sounds sad but the song is very loving and inspirational. The chorus is beyond gorgeous, “for a shield from the storm/for a friend, for a love/to keep me safe and warm/I turn to you,” and she sounds so elegant. The final chorus is beautiful as Christina belts, accompanied by backing vocalists. I can’t believe I didn’t really think much of this song before. Christina announces “you make me feel so emotional” at the start of So Emotional before the music kicks in. It’s a laid-back mid-tempo and it’s pretty infectious. She sounds carefree and the song flows nicely especially in the verses. For the first chorus, her vocals are light and airy but for the others she adds stronger vocals to accompany the light vocals. It’s nice and one of the better album only tracks.

The next track is another one of Christina’s biggest hits, Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You). This song is so much fun and totally irresistible. Snapping beats open this song along with Christina’s bright vocals. The snapping is quickly replaced by drums and Christina starts being a tease, “I’ve got an invitation/don’t you keep me waiting all night long.” I love her vocals, they’re enthusiastic, full of energy and the melody of the track is fantastic. This is the catchiest chorus on the album because of the energy she puts into it, “all I want is you, come over here baby/all I want is you, you know/you make me go crazy.” The bridge is beyond amazing with all the sexy whispering, ad-libs and groovy beats. Reflection was one of my favourite songs when I was younger mostly because of its feature in Disney’s Mulan. At the time I didn’t know Christina sang this song so it was quite a shock when I found out. Traditional instruments and Christina’s soothing vocals make this one of the standout tracks. The guitar melody is breathtaking and the lyrics are beautiful, “now I see/if I wear a mask/I can fool the world/but I cannot fool my heart.” The chorus is soaring and she pours her heart into it, “who is that girl I see/staring straight back at me?/when will my reflection show/who I am inside?” This is such an amazing song and it’s my favourite one from the album. Love For All Seasons has a pretty nice melody with it’s light guitar and synths. The backing vocals in the verse during the “I don’t know what to do/I feel like a fool” sound great with Christina’s vocals. This song is lacking compared to the previous tracks but I do like the chorus mostly because of the references to the seasons, “I’ll be the fire in your winter/the sun in your spring.” Other than that I’m not feeling this song.

Somebody’s Somebody is a simple song that ends up being a bit too dull. Christina’s vocals are great and the backing vocals in the verses make it a bit more interesting but this just doesn’t have the bang that the beginning of the album had. The chorus is better than the verses but it comes across as a bit too repetitive, “somebody’s somebody/someone’s someone/some sweet lover’s lover/I wanna be that one.” It does get better at the end when the instruments become stronger and Christina starts ad-libbing. Things get interesting with When You Put Your Hands On Me because of its fun and sexy atmosphere. This song isn’t amazing by any means but it’s better than the last two filler tracks. The title of the song is seductively whispered by Christina and while the verses are kind of lackluster the song really shines during the chorus. It’s upbeat but retains a laid-back feel and is quite sexual, “I just know/when you put your hands on me/I feel sexy/and my body turns to gold.” Another thing I like about the song is the distorted vocals when she sings “and I lose my self-control.” Blessed, the third ballad, is nice and soothing. I really like the guitar melody and Christina’s soft vocals. The verses are decent but the chorus is more enjoyable with her high-toned vocals, “blessed for everything you’ve given me/blessed for all the tenderness you show.” It’s really sweet and I love the added emphasis when she sings “blessed.” It could have been better but this is a nice ballad.

Things start to look up again with Love Will Find Away. This track is so much better than the last few tracks. It’s fun and extremely infectious. Christina’s vocals are very lively and bright, “no one ever said that/love was gonna be easy.” The chorus is fantastic with her fast-paced singing that goes so well with the groovy arrangement “no the rain won’t last forever/find a way to make it better/long as we can stand together/love will find a way.” I love the bridge because of its summery feel and Christina’s girly vocals, “I want you/I need you/you know that I believe you.” This is a feel-good song with a great uplifting atmosphere. The final track, Obvious, is another ballad but this time Christina sings with vulnerability. With a piano, drums and chimes the arrangement is simple, adding to the vulnerability of the song. I like how the title is not only used in the chorus but also in the verses as well. The chorus is sung strongly compared to the verses which are sung in delicate vocals, “that I don’t know what I’m doing anymore/I’m feeling like a little girl.” The bridge stands out to me the most because of Christina’s passionate vocals which are also used for the final chorus of the song.

Conclusion: Christina Aguilera is a great debut album but it’s far from being the best work that she’s done. The first half of the album is amazing. It contains all her classic songs and they’re all fresh and full of energy. In contrast, the second half of the album is overrun with fillers that lack the quality of the first half. They’re not memorable and don’t really do anything to capture your attention. While this album isn’t as spectacular as her later releases it’s still a nice album that shows Christina’s roots.

Recommended Tracks: Reflection, Genie In A Bottle, Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You), What A Girl Wants and I Turn To You




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  1. Ahh… I remembered Britney Spear’s album came out first because Christina took a long time to decide the kind of songs she wanted on the album. She wanted songs to showcase her vocal prowess while the record company wanted it to be more poppish. Oh well, look at where both of them are now. But my fave album from her has got to be Stripped where she had more creative control.

    • Yeah, when she got creative control over her work it became much better. The pop songs she did for her debut were great but the songs on Stripped are incredible.

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