2NE1 – 2NE1 1st Mini Album

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  1. Fire
  2. I Don’t Care
  3. In The Club
  4. Let’s Go Party
  5. Pretty Boy
  6. Stay Together
  7. Lollipop (feat. BIG BANG)

2NE1, consisting of CL, Minzy, Bom and Dara, debuted last year and caused quite a stir with their mini-album which was highly successful. I instantly become hooked on their music when I first heard their promotional song. They’re definitely one of the most fierce girl groups in the Korean music industry.

Fire definitely lives up to its title. It’s hot, irresistible, phenomenal and the list goes on. CL’s introduction is a fierce way to open the song and I was surprised by her perfect English. There’s a lot of synth, a bit of reggae and even some Middle Eastern influences in the music. This song has a lot going for it and it doesn’t disappoint, not even one bit. All the girls sound great especially CL and Minzy. Their performance is off the hook and they seriously have a ton of swagger. The chorus is unbelievably catchy and I would honestly be shocked if someone said they hated this song. Hands down this is one of the best Korean pop songs I’ve ever heard. I Don’t Care is a very light song, the complete opposite of Fire, and CL gives another great introduction. It’s very laid-back but it’s still as catchy as the previous song especially the chorus “I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh.” They all get to show off their vocoder free vocals which sound lovely and sweet, a perfect match for the music. This shows a much softer side to 2NE1 and at first I wasn’t feeling this song but after watching some live performances I was hooked.

The album slows down again with In The Club. You would think with a title like that it would be a hot club banger but it’s one of the slowest songs on the album which isn’t a bad thing because it’s one of the standout tracks. The music is so relaxing and still manages to give off the atmosphere of a club. Their voices harmonize so well together and each one of them shines in this track. The spotlight is on Bom for most of the song and her sections are some of the best parts. It’s nice to see a girl group where all the members get to play a large role rather than one or two of them. Once again I was expecting an up-tempo with Let’s Go Party but it’s another mid-tempo. There’s light synths, drum beats and relaxed vocals. The hook, “let’s go party/and work that body,” is catchy and the chorus is a bit more interesting than the verses because the music picks up. I love the repetition of “tonight” in the bridge because the music sounds so good at that point. A decent song but it’s one of the weaker ones on the album.

The album finally gets to an up-tempo with Pretty Boy. One thing I love about CL is that she gives such awesome introductions and they get me so pumped for the song. Like FIRE this song features a lot of vocoded in-your-face vocals and heavy synths. The song is fun, the chorus is energetic and I love how catchy it is, “neol babababakkwobwa.” For the bridge the girls break down into a cheer, “you’re too P.R.E.T.T.Y,” before heading back into the chorus. Overall, it’s a great up-tempo and it’s a shame there’s only a few on the album. Stay Together is a sweet mid-tempo. Their vocals are vocoder free for the most part and the piano is lovely even though it hides behind the hard and thumping beats. The song ends with just the piano so you do get to hear it without all the beats and it has such a bittersweet feel to it. Despite not being as strong as the other tracks it has a tragic and romantic vibe that helps it stick out. I love how Lollipop (feat. BIG BANG) starts with cute singing that instantly becomes sexy and fierce. Even though BIG BANG has a bigger role in the song than 2NE1 it still fits with the sound of the album. Everyone’s vocals are great and their voices mesh well together. It’s infectious and you’ll find yourself with the hook “lolli lolli lollipop/oh neon naui lollipop” stuck in your head. This is a great song to close with because it ends the album in a fun way.

Conclusion: 2NE1 may be doing electropop like all the other groups in Korea but they stand out from the rest because of the swagger and feistiness they bring to the table. This is a great mini-album and it showcases what their capable of doing. It was definitely a surprise to see that most of the album was mid-tempo but the songs were all memorable. 2NE1 is amazing and one of the standout groups in Korea in my opinion.

Recommended Tracks: Fire, Pretty Boy, In The Club and I Don’t Care




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  1. I love 2NE1 and the girls mini-album was grand! I wasn’t feeling I Don’t Care too, but after a few listens I was hooked! I admit, it took me a while to take a listen to their music though!

    I’m awaiting your To Anyone review! 😀

    • It also took me a while to listen to their music XD. If I recall correctly it was a while after this mini was released. I should have the review for To Anyone up sometime this week. School is taking over my life right now :(.

      • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that listen to them later! Haha! School is taking over mine too! I decided to take two AP classes this year, so there’s a ton to do! D<

  2. Yeah, I’m also swamped with tons of work and readings. Good luck with everything!

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