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September 18, 2010 at 12:24 pm | Posted in ICONIQ | 2 Comments
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  1. Girl Power
  3. Change Myself
  4. Light Ahead
  5. I.D feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
  6. Kiss & Cry
  7. BYE NOW!

Light Ahead is ICONIQ’s second release this year. I was looking forward to this album but then found out that three old tracks were being slapped onto the album. I have no clue why they’re on this mini-album but avex does a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense so I’m really not that surprised. Regardless, I was still excited to hear some new songs and once again ICONIQ delivered.

My first reaction to Girl Power was “what the heck is this?” This song reminds me of I’m lovin’ you × EXILE ATSUSHI because of its messy sound. It’s all over the place and the synths are spastic. It definitely doesn’t have a typical melody because it jumps around constantly. After trying to wrap my head around this song it started to click with me. I do enjoy the hectic arrangement and even though it continues the sound of her previous album it has a different flavour. ICONIQ’s vocals are vocoded and the English lyrics stand out and make the song catchy. Overall, this track took awhile to sink in but it’s a great way to start things off. TOKYO LADY is my least favourite of the new tracks but it’s been growing on me since I’ve been listening to the album. The arrangement is much easier to grasp than the previous song because it has a constant melody. The chorus is upbeat and has a great bounce to it while the verses are a tad slower but still keeps the hard knocking beats. It does run on for a little too long and if it was a bit shorter it would have been more memorable. The title track, Light Ahead, is absolutely gorgeous and is one of the best songs she’s released. It’s an electronic mid-tempo and it has such an infectious vibe that I can’t get enough of. I’ve heard the album version is different from the video version but I’ve only seen the video once so I can’t comment on any differences. However, I can say that I still love the song just as much as I did when I saw the video. Her vocals are light and the effects on her voice don’t detract from the song at all. They add to the electronic sound and complement the synths perfectly. “Keep on going/don’t look back.” Kiss & Cry is hands down the most addicting song on the album. I love the synth melody at the beginning because it incorporates a different sound than the other tracks on the album. ICONIQ’s vocals match perfectly with the blazing synths especially during the chorus which is the highlight. The chorus demands attention and the vocals along with the melody are completely irresistible. The English used at the end of each line in the chorus makes it so much better.

Conclusion: Despite feeling a bit disappointed that some old songs were included on the album all the new tracks are phenomenal. It’s nice to see her explore more of an electronic sound which is what I was hoping for. The album isn’t as shockingly good as her first one and this could have been prevented if this mini-album didn’t have old songs tacked onto it. I hope avex doesn’t end up screwing her over because she is turning out to be quite a gem.

Recommended Tracks: Kiss & Cry, Light Ahead and Girl Power

Note: The reviews for Change Myself, I.D feat. VERBAL (m-flo) and BYE NOW! can be found here.




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  1. I haven’t listened to this yet, but Tokyo Girl was a jumbled mess. I’ve read on other blogs that Light Ahead was really good. I like your review:)

    • Thank you! TOKYO LADY is pretty meh but the rest of the new songs are much better.

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