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  2. Hurricane Venus
  4. I’m OK
  5. GAME
  6. Stand By
  7. M.E.P (My Electronic Piano)
  8. LET ME
  9. Implode
  11. Ordinary Day
  12. Don’t Know What To Say
  13. Romance

I can’t stand album repackages because they’re a cheap way to make more money. If an artist has more songs to release they should just save them for another album. COPY & PASTE is the repackage of HURRICANE VENUS and even though repackages make me rage the new songs are fantastic.

COPY & PASTE should have been on the original album and should have been the promotional song because it kills Hurricane Venus. The song starts off with a female talking in English and it’s very amusing, “you’re gonna hit Ctrl+C for copy/and then you’re gonna hit Ctrl+V for pasting/and create the man of my desire.” It’s not extremely upbeat but the arrangement is hot with its slick exotic sound. Her vocals during the chorus are great and I love how her voice flows with the exotic beat. This is one hell of a song. I’m OK is another nice inclusion to the album. Backed up by a cheerful acoustic guitar and strings BoA gives a bright vocal performance. The chorus is uplifting and all the instruments come together to create a nice breezy sound. Her ad-libbing at the end is beautiful and I love her “lalalas” because they enhance the wonderful bright feel of the track.

Conclusion: The new songs turned out to be better than I anticipated. COPY & PASTE is ridiculously hot and I’m OK is a nice tune next to the other mid-tempos on the album. These songs could have easily been included on HURRICANE VENUS. I’ll never understand the need for repackages but I digress. Check these songs out especially if you enjoyed HURRICANE VENUS. These songs fit perfectly into the album and they’re better than some of the previous songs.

Recommended Tracks: COPY & PASTE




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  1. I have the same thoughts on repackages as you do – RAAAAGE!

    Loving the new tracks. In fact, the new repackaged album is my fav kpop album this year. Or maybe I’m just a lil’ fanboy.

    • They make me so furious especially if you’ve already bought the album! I can totally understand why you love the album. This is one of BoA’s best albums and compared to her recent releases it’s incredible.

      • Agreed. ^^

  2. Yes, I hate repackage albums. Just to include one or two songs for no reason makes no sense to me. COPY & PASTE is still a good song though. When is the MV out?

    • I heard that it should be out sometime this week.

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