Ga-In – step 2/4

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  1. Nitchell (Baby-G Mix)
  2. Irreversible
  3. Tango The Night
  4. Esperando
  5. Ga-In (Song)
  6. Truth

Ga-In is the second member from Brown Eyed Girls to go solo and step 2/4 is her debut mini-album. Her approach to her music is very different from her fellow group member, Narsha. step 2/4 is influenced by tango and Latin elements which makes for a refreshing sound that is rarely heard in Korean pop music.

Nitchell (Baby-G Mix) is a seductive instrumental piece. It has a sultry tango atmosphere and the piano and violin are exquisite. Ga-In sings briefly midway through the song but other than that there are no vocals. This sets the theme and the feel of the album and what is heard here is what you can expect from the rest of the songs. Irreversible, the title track, opens with a delicious accordion that fades away for the verses. The song has a desperate feel to its arrangement and especially in Ga-In’s vocals, “kill me or love me.” She sings the verses in a breathy and quiet voice while the chorus is sung in a higher voice. The accordion appears again for the chorus and her vocals are superb, her high tone is incredible. I really love how this sounds, it’s classy and sexy, definitely the best song on the album. There are some electronic elements in Tango The Night and they add an exotic flavour to it. When the guitar comes in the tango elements start to come to life and the music just carries you away. The song is somewhat dark and since tango is already sultry the dark elements make it all the more sensual. It’s such an exquisite combination and Ga-In’s vocals are alluring. The repetition in the chorus is infectious and the distorted vocals near the end add to the dark atmosphere of the song.

Esperando is a sexy and slow tango song with an accordion, violin, guitar, piano and maracas. There are some English male backing vocals and Ga-In keeps a constant tone throughout the song. I love her breathy vocals in the chorus and the line “Esperando el amor,” is super hot. The bridge is sung in English and I especially like the “I’m like…/you’re like…”line. It’s pretty neat how Ga-In has a song named after her and Ga-In (Song) is another one of my favourite tracks. It’s more upbeat than Esperando and Ga-In’s tone is stronger. She speeds up in the pre-chorus and her high vocals flow nicely with the arrangement. The part right after the chorus is playful with her singing “let me tell you, it’s my story.” I adore the violin in the bridge, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and Ga-In’s whispering is very sexy. Truth has the exact same arrangement as Irreversible except some of the instruments are toned down. The lyrics are different and despite having the same composition it has a completely different feel. The desperate sound is replaced with a depressing one. Ga-In’s vocals in the chorus are great and I love the high tone she sings in. This was an instant favourite for me and it’s an excellent way to close the album.

Conclusion: Ga-In’s solo album is excellent and one of the most interesting releases in K-pop this year. Her tango inspired music is a breath of fresh air in an industry that doesn’t take many risks with its music. The only problem that the album has is that the songs sound very similar to one another but each song is well crafted and Ga-In’s vocals are wonderful.  Both Narsha and Ga-In delivered with their albums and I’m hoping that when the Brown Eyed Girls make their comeback it’s as strong as these solo efforts.

Recommended Tracks: Irreversible, Truth, Ga-In (Song) and Tango The Night




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  1. Ah, I didn’t notice you had also reviewed this album. I try not to review the same things people on my Blogroll do, haha. Anyway, I personally didn’t like ‘Tango The Night’ but the way you described it makes me want to. XD

    • Thanks for commenting :). Why do you try to avoid reviewing the same things? Isn’t that hard to do XD?

      • Slightly, haha. I just try to avoid reviewing things that they’ve recently done. That way it doesn’t seem like I’m copying them.

  2. I haven’t listened to her mini-album yet. I was only to able to listen to Irreversible (which I am in love with) and Esperando. Reading your review, I want to listen to it even more!

    • You should definitely check out the whole album! It’s so good, one of the best Korean albums to come out this year.

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