Looking Forward To 2011

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Even though it’s only the beginning of the year there are already some things I’m highly anticipating. There are going to be some big artists releasing albums this year and a few of my favourites are making their comeback.

Kelly Clarkson: Her new album is set to be released sometime this year and I can’t wait. I didn’t love All I Ever Wanted when it first came out and I was disappointed that she dropped the sound from her previous album, My December. The album grew on me after a while and there are a few songs on it that I consider her best songs like Already Gone, Tip Of My Tongue and The Day We Fell Apart. I’m curious to see how her new album will sound. I hope there are few tracks that have a My December feel.

Lady Gaga: She announced on twitter that her new album, Born This Way, will be out in May and this had many people freaking out. I’m not crazy about her but I enjoy her music and I’m excited to see how the album will turn out. I haven’t disliked anything she’s put out so I’m not worried that I won’t like it because I’m sure it will be amazing like all her other releases.

moumoon: Their second album, 15 Doors, is going to be out in March. I discovered them last year and I loved their two mini-albums so I can’t wait to hear the album. I’m so happy that the iTunes exclusive track, Destiny, is included on the album because I love it.

Ivy: The craziest female singer in Korea is making her comeback this year. Her 2009 album, I Be…, was one of the best releases of the year. Her voice is unique and sometimes she sings in this bizarre tone that is literally crazy. In my opinion, she’s the best singer in Korea because of her insane vocals and she’s one of the few artists in Korea that has great ballads.

Rachel Stevens: I’m not sure if she’ll release anything this year but she did say that she’s planning to go back to the studio to record some new music. This is probably the most exciting news of 2011 for me so far. Come And Get It was released in 2005 and it didn’t do well at all and she eventually stopped releasing music. Now that she’s back I’m super excited to see what kind of music she’s planning to release. I hope she works with Richard X again because they worked magic together on her last album.

Robyn: Body Talk was released only a few months ago and Robyn has already stated that’s she planning to go back in the studio to record new music. Her album was a fantastic collection of electropop songs and hearing that we might get some more songs from her this year has me very excited.

Christina Aguilera: I’m surprised that she went back into the studio so quickly this year. Many fans are speculating that because of the bad year she had in 2010 she’s going to release music faster this time instead of taking a four-year break. She should definitely release her next album sooner rather than later because waiting four years isn’t going to help her rise back on the charts. I’m curious to see if she will release anything this year but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

This is pretty much what I’m anticipating for 2011 right now. I’ll probably end up checking out Britney Spears’, Madonna’s, and Avril Lavigne’s new album when they’re released but I’m not really anticipating these albums. So, what are you all excited about for 2011? Let me know what releases you’re anticipating!



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  1. I bailed on English music completely last year so I’m anticipating Kelly and Robyn since she’s been getting rave reviews. I really want some more material from JASMINE and Hwayobi also big bang

    • The reason why I listened to Robyn’s album was because of all the reviews and it did not disappoint. Have you listened to it yet? JASMINE’s new song sounds great so I’m looking forward to hearing the whole single.

      • No I need to!

  2. Wow what a list to keep track of, thanks for putting this out. You’ve got all the super mainstream stuff as well as some ladies I’ve never heard of. I’ll definitely check some of them out. Happy New Year.

    • Happy New Year! Thanks for commenting.

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