Maki Goto – Gloria

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  1. Ashiato
  2. Hanataba
  3. Koi Hitoyo
  4. Fake
  5. Age♂Kyoku

I was surprised to hear that Maki Goto was already working on her third mini-album, Gloria, shortly after ONE was released. To be honest, I didn’t keep up with any news for the album so everything is new for me. Maki switched things up for this mini-album and went in a pop rock direction rather than returning to the electropop sound of ONE.

Hanataba has a vibrant and cheerful sound with its melodic piano and guitar. The chimes used throughout the song are lovely and they make the song even sweeter. The verses are quite relaxing and have an uplifting feel that is enhanced during the chorus. The chorus has a wonderful drum beat and the backing vocals are so angelic. The piano, chimes and percussion in the bridge are magical. Maki sounds lively on this track and her vocals give the song a bright and happy atmosphere. Koi Hitoyo is a cover of Kudo Shizuka. I’ve never heard the original but Maki’s version is pretty nice. The guitar is really prominent and her vocals are good but this is my least favourite song. The backing vocals are fantastic and make the song a lot better and the chorus brings more life to the song than the verses do.

Fake takes the mini-album back on track and it’s the most rock influenced song. The electric guitar immediately captures your attention and the melody in the verses is irresistible. As the verses progress Maki’s singing becomes more intense and when the song enters the chorus she goes all out. The chorus is highly infectious and I love its aggressive feel. The guitar solo in the bridge is awesome and the fact that it’s added to the final chorus makes the song even better. The final song, Age♂Kyoku, sounds like a mix of her new style and the electropop style from her previous mini-albums. It’s fun, energetic and the electronic elements are catchy. Maki sounds playful and her fast-paced singing compliments the hectic arrangement. The chorus is addicting along with the cheering backing vocals and I love the hard synths. The bridge is very interesting as it starts with a rock sound and aggressive guitar and then switches to a dance sound with intense synths.

Conclusion: Gloria is another great release by Maki. Rather than continuing with electropop she went for a more pop rock sound and it suits her very nicely. She sounds comfortable with this style and she should definitely continue with it. Her mini-albums under avex have been consistent in terms of quality as she constantly puts out good music and it’s time for her to finally release a full album.

Recommended Tracks: Age♂Kyoku, Fake and Hanataba

Note: The review for Ashiato can be found here.



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