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  1. Ballerina Brain System
  2. Ghost Enemy
  3. Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom
  4. Monkeybone City
  5. Hangover Payback
  6. Beautiful Mistakes
  7. Virgin Killer Santa
  8. Demon’s Phone Call

MAA is one of the new artists from last year that I was late checking out. She was getting great reviews and was appearing in “Best Of 2010” posts so this year I decided to finally listen to her mini-album, Monkey Kingdom.

Ghost Enemy sounds similar to ICONIQ’s Crystal Girl and that’s definitely not a bad thing because I love the song and MAA’s track turns out to be quite catchy. The synths are very dark and MAA sings the verses in a deep voice. However, for the chorus the synths become hectic and she begins singing in a higher voice which sounds incredible. The melody in the bridge is amazing. It’s calmer compared to the rest of the track and her vocals are much softer. Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom moves away from the upbeat feel of the previous track and consists of a piano and some light synths. The song has a religious theme which is easily noticeable through the reference to God, “dear Mr. God.” I really enjoy the relaxed feel of this song and the piano driven verses along with MAA’s vocals are pleasant. For the chorus the piano is replaced with synths and I love the effects on her vocals. Her vocals in the second verse are slightly faded but as it progresses they start becoming clearer. The melody in the bridge is serene and the faded vocal effect is used again. Beautiful Mistakes is easily the best song on the album and it’s seriously irresistible. The synths and MAA’s vocals are very aggressive throughout the track. The verses are great with the hard percussion and interesting synths but the star of the show is the chorus. The instant the song enters the chorus you will be completely taken aback by how incredible it is. The hook is so addicting, “one mistake made my life beautiful,” the backing vocals are quirky and MAA’s vocals are lively. There are no faults in this song. It’s a 100% pure fun dance track that will get stuck in your head.

As you’ve probably already noticed, MAA has some very eccentric song titles and Virgin Killer Santa definitely had me intrigued. This is another dark song but it’s much slower than Ghost Enemy. The music is eerie and all the little electro elements along with the chimes makes for a very unique melody. MAA’s vocals during the chorus are lovely and she really shows them off. The chorus is dramatic and she pretty much belts during it, “you are my virgin killer.” I really love MAA’s vocals on this track especially when she shouts “killer” at the end of the chorus. They’re strong and suit the overall atmosphere of the music. I’m glad this song lived up to its crazy title. The final song, Demon’s Phone Call, is completely sung in English and it has some rock elements mixed into it. There are some grammatical errors but the song is too awesome to even care about them. MAA’s backing vocals in the verses are catchy and the vocal effects in the pre-chorus tone the song down a bit before jumping into the chorus. The rock sound comes out more during the chorus and the repetition of “waiting for…” is super addicting. The song has some dark undertones to it and the lyrics are amusing, “I swear I didn’t know nothing about the a hole,” “kissing with the lesbian,” and “hey, who the hell is Bob?” What a fun way to end the album!

Conclusion: This mini-album was a wonderful surprise. MAA is definitely one of the best new electropop artists to debut. I checked out the album Sister by Marbell, the band she was in prior to her solo release and the material on that album wasn’t as amazing as this. She is much better as a solo artist and this style of music suits her much more. Everything from her looks, to her voice and to her quirky music is exotic and unique. Monkey Kingdom is an excellent electropop mini-album and if you’re a fan of the genre don’t miss out on this.

Recommended Tracks: Beautiful Mistakes, Virgin Killer Santa, Demon’s Phone Call and Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom

Note: The reviews for Ballerina Brain System, Monkeybone City and Hangover Payback can be found here.




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  1. I was also late listening to MAA. I love this mini-album and cannot wait for her future releases! Ballerina Brain System has been on reply since Monday! Hahaha!

    • I can’t wait either! Hopefully she releases a full album this year XD.

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