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  1. ATTITUDE (Intro)
  2. Are ya ready?
  3. Kind of Guy
  4. #1
  5. No Restriction (Interlude)
  6. Late Show
  7. Stand Up!
  8. Before Dawn (Interlude)
  9. Awakening

ATTITUDE is Meisa Kuroki’s second mini-album and it follows closely in hellcat’s footsteps.  Since I enjoyed hellcat, I was looking forward to ATTITUDE and the promotional track was very addicting so I had some high hopes for this mini-album.

The album opens with ATTITUDE (Intro) which consists of a piano and vocalization that leads into synths and heavy beats. Meisa repeats the title of the album a few times and the intro ends with Meisa saying “are ya ready?’ which leads right into the next track. Are ya ready? begins with a bang as it consists of heavy percussion, clapping and synths. Just like the production from hellcat, the beat to this track is hot. Meisa sounds great and I love the backing vocals in the verses before the chorus. This song is not only fierce but it’s completely addicting especially the chorus, “I’m sayin’, are ya ready?/hora mina-san.” Her vocals in the chorus flow wonderfully with the heavy beat. Her ad-libs at the end of the track sound much better than her ad-libs in some of the songs on hellcat. It’s nice to see that her vocals have slightly improved. This song really reflects the title of the album as its in-your-face and performed with a lot of attitude. Kind of Guy also begins with clapping beats but now they’re accompanied with whistling. Meisa sings in a high register and sounds very playful, “plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans/that’s all a real man needs, u know?” The “hey ohs” throughout the track are super addicting and the chorus is fun and catchy. Her high vocals have improved and I really like them in this song. This is one of those tracks that grow on you after repeated listens because I don’t remember this track being this good. The album has a misstep with the next track, #1, which is slightly laid-back. It has a nice synth beat and the verses are pretty good but the chorus is really lacking. There’s not much energy in the chorus and the repetition of “I’ll be your number one” isn’t all that exciting. The song doesn’t have anything that catches your attention and Meisa’s singing isn’t as strong as it was in the previous songs. No Restriction (Interlude) is a great piano interlude with a few dramatic touches. There’s a conversation going on in the background and the interlude ends with Meisa saying “show me what you got.”

Tonight, our late night show/just you and me…Late Show carries on with the laid-back sound from #1 but it works much better here. Meisa’s high vocals have some auto-tune/vocoder effects on them but I like the sultry and airy quality of her voice. This is a very relaxed track but it’s flirty and sexy. The song becomes slightly energetic in bridge as Meisa sings in a faster pace and the backing vocals in the final chorus sound really nice. Stand Up! brings the album back to dance; however, it suffers due to the fact that it sounds similar to the other songs on this mini-album. The song has a pretty good beat because of the synths and the cool feel of the chorus makes it enjoyable. I like the flow of the chorus, especially when she sings “all the girls and all the boys” and “all my ladies and gentlemen.” The best part is when Meisa sings “saa ima! Stand up! saa ima! Stand up!” because she sounds lively and it’s very catchy. Other than that, the song doesn’t really stand out compared to the other upbeat tracks. Before Dawn (Interlude) also features a piano but it is much sweeter and calmer than the previous interlude. There’s nothing really special about it but it leads into Awakening nicely. This is actually a pretty good attempt at a ballad. The mix of light synths with the piano makes the arrangement fresh. I really like the melody and Meisa carries herself nicely. Her vocals are sweet and they blend well with the lovely arrangement. The chorus is beautiful, soothing and has a bittersweet feel, “this is my awakening, I can see now.” I didn’t think Meisa could pull off a ballad but she managed to do a good job. Overall, this is a nice conclusion to ATTITUDE.

Conclusion: ATTITUDE is not as good as hellcat but it’s still a strong effort. The lack of variety really affected the quality of the album and many of the songs ended up sounding too similar. In addition, the production also declined which is disappointing because hellcat had strong production. The only song that stands out is Are ya ready? and it is the best produced track. Despite all these things, if you like hellcat you’ll probably still enjoy this mini-album.

Recommended Tracks: Are ya ready?, Kind of Guy and Late Show




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  1. I can’t get over her vocals because they flat out dont exist and the beat can’t save these songs she is like the female yamapi

    • Meisa’s vocals can be bad but most of the time I find them to be tolerable. I’ve heard a lot worse. It’s a shame that the production for this mini-album is lacking because hellcat had really great production and it definitely helped some of the songs sound better.

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