Britney Spears – Femme Fatale

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  1. Till The World Ends
  2. Hold It Against Me
  3. Inside Out
  4. I Wanna Go
  5. How I Roll
  6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi)
  7. Seal It With A Kiss
  8. Big Fat Bass (feat.
  9. Trouble For Me
  10. Trip To Your Heart
  11. Gasoline
  12. Criminal
  13. Up N’Down
  14. He About To Lose Me
  15. Selfish
  16. Don’t Keep Me Waiting
  17. Scary

I used to love Britney when I was younger and she was actually my favourite singer but as I grew older I begun to lose interest in her. I did enjoy a few songs here and there but for the most part I moved on from my obsession with her. There’s no denying that she has some hot tracks and in the last couple of years my interest for her has spiked up again. I wasn’t really anticipating Britney’s seventh album, Femme Fatale, but I was curious to hear how it would turn out.

Till The World Ends is very Ke$ha-like and that’s not surprising because she’s one of the credited writers for this song but it still manages to have a Britney flare to it. It’s a thumping synth filled dance tune that fits in perfectly with today’s pop scene. Britney sounds fresh and effortlessly uses her sexy vocals to make a fun and addicting song. It feels like an anthem especially during the chorus when Britney sings “I can’t take it take it take no more/never felt like felt like this before” which is followed by catchy “woah oh oh oh oh ohs.” There’s so much energy in the chorus and the chanting makes it even better. The bridge turns out to be the best part as the synths become hectic and even more upbeat. This is a great club track and it’s a fun way to start the album, “see the sunlight/we aint stoppin’/keep on dancing till the world ends.” The lead single, Hold It Against Me, didn’t immediately impress me but after watching the music video it’s grown on me tremendously. The opening lines give me chills, “hey over there/please forgive me/if I’m coming on too strong.” The song has an unusual structure as the verses are upbeat and bouncy with constant percussion whereas the chorus is toned down and filled with heavenly synths. The lyrics come across as a bit lame, “cause you feel like paradise/and I need a vacation tonight,” but Britney sounds great and the song is infectious so all is forgiven. After the second chorus, Britney begins talking in a sexy voice that leads into the dubstep influenced bridge. The bridge is ridiculously amazing with Britney’s hot moans and vocoded vocals, “gimme something good/don’t wanna wait I want it now.” Halfway through the bridge, the arrangement becomes uplifting and all the elements of the song start coming together. The final chorus is epic because the dance elements finally get incorporated into it. Even though I wasn’t feeling this song at first, I love it now. Things get sexy for the next track, Inside Out, which is a delicious mid-tempo. It’s one of the slowest songs on the album but the electronic elements give it the punch it needs to keep it exciting. Britney performs seductively and the repetition throughout the verses is quite catchy. The chorus brings the sexiness to a whole other level with Britney’s teasing vocals, “so come on won’t you give me something to remember?/baby shut your mouth and turn me inside out.” I like the little references to her past hits, “hit me one more time it’s so amazing,” and “you’re the only one who ever drove me crazy.” Overall, this is a slick track that oozes sex appeal.

Britney’s vocals on I Wanna Go are heavily vocoded but the song is so damn good. It’s filled with heavy percussion, yummy synths and irresistible whistles. Britney’s vocals are bubbly and bounce nicely in the verses. The pre-chorus is divine as the whistles are added and Britney sings in a sexy high voice, “shame, on me/to need, release/uncontrollably…” The first part of the chorus is mellow and the stuttering is pretty cool “I-I-I wanna go-o-o all the way-ay-ay taking out my freak tonight.” For the second half of the chorus, the dance elements come in with crazy hot synths. In the bridge, the pre-chorus is repeated but this time with sexy backing vocals. This is dance heaven and it’s one of the standout songs on the album. I was shocked when I first heard How I Roll because it wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s produced by Bloodshy & Avant and I usually love their work with Britney instantly but I was dumbfounded with this one. However, after I few listens I started loving the fact that it’s one of the most unique songs on the album. It begins with bizarre moans from Britney before moving into the quirky melody which is very bubbly. It’s a laid-back track with some very suggestive lyrics “(I wanna go)/down town where my posse’s at/(because I got)/nine lives like a kitty cat.” The chorus is super fun and the male backing vocals go well with Britney’s. I love the “bum bum bum ba da dee dum bum bum” after each chorus because they’re so addicting. Britney’s vocals in the bridge are deliciously high and she sounds great when she sings “if you know what it takes to be my man/we can go make love together.” (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi) starts off with Britney’s signature “ow” and Britney’s heavily vocoded vocals come in with some pretty hot synths. The melody becomes ambient during the pre-chorus and I love how it immediately jumps right back into heavy synths for the chorus. The first part of the chorus is repetitive, “cause, you’re beautiful/(drop dead)/beautiful,” but the second half of the chorus is so much better and infectious, “boy, you know/you’re beautiful/I know you heard it before.” I love the laughing during Sabi’s section and her rap is pretty cool minus the silly lyrics, “steam me like a pot full of vegetables.”

The next track, Seal It With A Kiss, is much better and I like how it slowly progresses to the full instrumentation at the beginning. The verses are filled with thumping beats and Britney’s vocodized vocals work well with the heavy beats “say you’re just a friend, I’m a little liar/when we play pretend, party is on fire.” The chorus is hot with its hard, buzzing synths and Britney’s backing vocals are fantastic, “pull me closer, don’t be shy/cross my heart, and hope to die.” Like Hold It Against Me, the bridge to this track goes into a dubstep breakdown but it’s not as epic. Despite Big Fat Bass (feat. not being popular among fans, I actually like it. I could do without because his digitized vocals are atrocious and always sound the same in every song he does. His introduction for the song is way too repetitive and his rap is a failure; however, Britney’s parts are super hot and the beat is surprisingly infectious. With some hard-hitting synths and Britney’s carefree vocals, the verses turn out to be incredible. It has a fantastic danceable beat and I adore the “it’s gettin’ bigger/the bass is gettin’ bigger” parts because she sounds so commanding. Sadly, the chorus isn’t as spectacular as the verses and it just consists of Britney singing “I can be your treble baby/you can be my bass.” This would have been a lot better without

Trouble For You is one of my favourite songs on the album. It begins with a heavy synth line that switches to drums and Britney’s intense vocals. The synth line returns in the pre-chorus where Britney sings in sexy and soft vocals, “you got something that I like but I might regret it.” The chorus goes into synth overload for one of the catchiest hooks on the album, “me and you we’re a disaster/and you’re only a danger to me.” Britney’s vocals are distorted but they’re amazing and the beat is to die for. During the bridge, things get even sexier with Britney’s teasing vocals, “but if you want my love/you can only find it on the dancefloor.” This is a 100% pure fun pop song and it’s perfect for the clubs. Trip To Your Heart is another Bloodshy & Avant and this one also stands out amongst the rest of the album tracks. At first it seems like it’s going to be an intense dance track but then the crazy synths die out into a breezy melody with Britney’s sweet vocals. The verses are a bit heavy due to the synths and drums but the chorus is very light and her high vocals are gorgeous, “spread my wings out in to the dark/I’ll fly away on a trip to your heart.” The music in the bridge is toned down and I love how the lyrics constantly change “trip to your eyes/trip to your arms/trip to your kiss.” This is the cutest song on the album and it’s a nice change of pace from all the other heavy tracks.

Surprisingly, Gasoline has become one of my all time favourite Britney tracks. It starts off with funky synths and some hot moaning that leads into hard beats with Britney’s crisp vocals. The song speeds up during the pre-chorus into a groovy beat and then the chorus begins with an enthusiastic “yeah” from Britney which I love. The chorus is dominated by dirty synths and it’s filled with sexual energy, “my heart only runs on supreme/so hot, give me your gasoline.” Britney’s vocals are on-point and things only get hotter when she starts singing in a delicious high tone, “you’re setting me on fire.” This song totally left me speechless and the breathy whispers from Britney during the bridge are orgasmic. This is the definition of a perfect pop song and it’s the best song on the album. Continuing on with surprises, Criminal introduces itself with a flute melody taken straight out of the renaissance period. This is such a unique track for Britney and her vocals sound so good. They have just the right amount of distortion to keep them in line with the gorgeous instrumentals. Britney sings about a man who’s “no good at all” and the repetition during the verses is quite catchy and I like how it gets deeper as it continues. The chorus is simply irresistible and it immediately catches your attention, “but mama I’m in love with a criminal/and this type of love isn’t rational it’s physical.” This is a very nice surprise and it’s one or her most memorable songs. I have to give praise to the producers for giving her such a unique sound.

The first of the bonus tracks, Up N’Down, is an energetic dance number that’s crazy addicting. Britney’s vocals are fresh and she sounds sexy, especially in the pre-chorus, “it’s alright to say you want it/get inside my dirty mind.” For the chorus, the synths become much more intense and she performs with commanding vocals, “the beat just dropped and the room got sexy/you’re watching me like there’s no one else around/I know you want me like kids want candy.” She becomes a little seductress in the bridge as she sings in such a teasing manner, “I can almost feel my lace/slippin’ off cause of the bass.” If I had to give one word to describe this track it would be hot. He About To Lose Me gets a change in instruments as it begins with a really nice guitar melody and Britney’s vocals aren’t vocodized. Her deep and lush vocals during the verses are gorgeous and it’s nice that there’s at least one song that doesn’t employ vocal effects. The lyrics are just as great and they’re lovely yet depressing, “I feel my body losing focus as he touches me/and I should go but I can’t overcome this chemistry.” The chorus incorporates some electronic elements and Britney sings in a high voice which sounds nothing like her. I’ve never heard her sound like this before and I like how her voice in the chorus contrasts with her deep vocals in the verses. The ending is beautiful and heartbreaking all at once, “I’m touching hands with someone seriously beautiful.” It’s a perfect way to end this track.

Selfish is a playful and sexy track that’s dominated by drums and hand clapping for the verses. Those “oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohs” in the chorus are darn catchy and the added synths make for a nice energetic feel, “tonight I’m gonna be a little selfish.” The sexual energy is amped up in the bridge as Britney gets very naughty, “tonight I’m feeling sexual/come on and play inside my love below/strip down and give me my own private show.” It’s not as memorable as some of the other tracks but it’s still addicting and has enough energy to keep you moving. Don’t Keep Me Waiting is the only song that has rock influences and while I’m not a fan of Britney’s rock inspired songs, this is one of her best. I like the mix of rock with electronica and her vocals are pretty interesting. She sounds a bit whiny during the chorus but I like the tone of her voice especially when she sings, “I’m going crazy, got me waiting/come and take it from me.” The bridge is cool with Britney’s sassy vocals and the final chorus features shouting “heys” in the background. This is my least favourite song but it’s really not that bad of a song. I wasn’t expecting Scary to be any good because it’s only on the Japanese release of the album but it’s actually another hot song. Britney’s vocals are so energetic and bubbly in the verses and they’re very contagious. The chorus is a blast of synths and her vocals are great especially during the sped up section, “I wanna take over your body like, like, like it’s Freaky Friday/I wanna take you to a dark place/make you, make you, make you do it my way.” The bridge isn’t anything special because the music just slows down but I like the transition to the final chorus with the distorted vocals. This song should have been included in all releases of the album because it’s one of the best tracks.

Conclusion: I wasn’t expecting to love Femme Fatale but it’s turned out to be my favourite album from Britney. I’ve never enjoyed a Britney album from start to finish and this is the first time that I can say that I like every song on her album. Some songs aren’t as good as others but it’s a collection of great dance music. It’s her most cohesive album to date and there aren’t any ballads to slow it down. The gripe I have is that the music is too similar to what other artists are releasing and any other singer could be singing these songs. The subject matter also gets very repetitive because almost every song is about sex or hooking up with a guy. However, I can’t deny that the album is contagious and filled with hot tracks.

Recommended Tracks: Gasoline, Trouble For Me, Hold It Against Me, Criminal, I Wanna Go, Scary and Up N’Down




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  1. I felt this ablum was weak

    She had no and I mean zero emotion or touch in any of the songs, also all the songs were about sex, one or three ok but the whole thing….

    Also her voice was too digitized and sounded like a standards for Britney are at near rock bottom so the album was a suprise but by August I will be tired of them…Also the album should be called Dr.Luke and Max Martin ft Britney because the beats always upstaged and took over the song

    • Even though I gave the album 4.5/5 stars, I agree with you. Her performances for the album have been void of any emotion as well. She lip syncs and she hardly dances now. The best thing about her music is, like you said, the production. The producers she works with really know how to work their magic and give her hot tracks.

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