Welcome to Chaotic Dusk! This blog will be dedicated to reviewing English, Japanese and Korean music. Music was never a big part of my life when I was younger but as I grew older I began to appreciate music in a new way. Now I’m constantly listening to music and looking for new artists to listen to. My favourite artists are Utada Hikaru and Jade Valerie so you can definitely expect to see their albums reviewed here. Any comments and feedback anyone has would be appreciated. I’ve never had a blog before so I will be learning as I go along so bear with me. I’m not the best reviewer but I will try my best and hopefully improve as I continue to run this blog. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it here at Chaotic Dusk.

Rating System

= Exceptional/Perfect

= Very Good

= Satisfactory

= Unsatisfactory

= Failure





I would like to thank the amazing 4lvy for helping me figure out how to work with WordPress! I really appreciate all the help.

I would also like to thank ownsarai for the beautiful banner!




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  1. Your blog’s looking good! You’re off to a good start unlike I was when I first started out. Just finished reading your JASMINE album review :]

    • Thanks so much! Writing reviews is harder than I thought but so far I’m enjoying it XD.

  2. I really love your Hikki header! She’s looks so pretty and the design behind the blog title makes it elegant looking! Even though someone else made the banner, I really think your blog is pretty! 😀

    • Thanks so much! It’s nice to know that people think my blog looks nice :).

  3. I added you back ^_^
    Mind adding my Affiliates to your list: http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/8867/nynyonline.png

  4. I’ll add your new site as soon as it’s up and running :).

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR KremlinChaos! Awaiting for your reviews! (:

  6. Do you take requests? If you do, could you please review BoA’s THE FACE? I would love to know what you think about that album! Thanks!

    • I don’t take requests but I might eventually get to BoA’s discography. I have a lot of other albums I want to review right now. Sorry :(.

  7. Dear affie,
    Maybe you noticed my URL isn’t the same anymore. That is because my ex, who used to host my website, decided to become revengefulness and so he kicked me out. I can’t update my blog anymore, at least for now. Don’t change my URL yet, you’ll get redirected to a new URL, but since I don’t agree with that one I will change it asap and I really hope I can continue my blog without starting from scratch.

    Love, Jade (MusicAddiction)

  8. URL changed again… it’s http://musicaddiction2.wordpress.com now… 2? Yes I had to start all over again because that crappy ex deleted my blog entirely, no backups… =( Please change my URL, thank you so much^^

  9. Hello ^^ I love your blog ^o^

    Do you do requests? 😀

    • Thanks so much! Sorry, I actually don’t do requests because there are so many albums that I want to review and requests would slow me down XD. What album did you have in mind?

  10. I’ve gone back to my original url and name now. I need my hits and followers back hahaha! Since you follow my blog, I thought I’d tell you. Here is the url: nynyonlinex.wordpress.com

    • I had already changed it when you first moved your blog. I just forgot to change the name of your site to NyNyOnline XD.

      • Oh thanks 🙂

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